Program and Change Management

Let’s analyse together your implementation challenge

You cannot delegate business ownership, but you can delegate daily operations of program management to an expert. Execution is usually the biggest hurdle of strategic initiatives. Most often time and effort required are drastically underestimated. Working under pressure and getting the most out of the people requires excellent leadership. Experience in working with all levels of stakeholders ensures effective communication. 

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In most often there is no competent persons available when needed. Maybe this is an one-time case for the organisation of this size or complexity? Maybe target is to train internal resources along with the program? Or maybe it is just the best to have a person outside considering the political situation in the organization or some other reason.

It can be for example process and system development program where efficient system implementation and effective collaboration accross several functions and/or countries is needed. Or maybe it is about restructuring and for example outsourcing support processes and right-sizing the organization. Well planned and executed take over of acquired business can also make or break the worth of acquisition.

Minna has been leading and managing dozens of erp and reporting system implementations over the years. In addition she has been driving many investments, M&A, divestments and cost efficiency programs. On top of the pursuing cases in practice, Minna has also explored academic interest on the issue by writing her dissertation about “What Makes Change Agents Effective in Strategy Implementation”.

1/2 day (max. 4 hours) 1 000 eur + VAT
Full day (max. 8 hours) 1 750 + VAT

Volume discounts will apply to assignments. Different bonus structures can also be considered based on program deliverables.
Costs based charging of travelling, accommodation, etc.
Payment term of 14 days net.