Interim Management

Let’s discuss further about your business challenge

Usually something unexpected happens and there is a short of competent management for a period of time. On the other hand, it can be a deliberate choice in a special business challenge or speeding up transformation by engagement of a highly experienced interim executive.

Whether you have an acute situation or you are proactively planning a step change, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss further about your management challenge.

You are in short of competent resources. Maybe it is an acute situation to find a substitute for a short time period to take over daily issues e.g. in finance. Or maybe you are planning a step change or one-time project and you need a highly experienced person capable to execute the special program.

It might be the case that one of your executive team members is suddenly on sick-leave for a couple of months. Or there might be a special business challenge where you need to strengten your organisation. For expemple M&A case, IPO, business restructuring or major transformation program require competence and capability to deliver results.

1/2 day (max. 4 hours) 1 000 eur + VAT
Full day (max. 8 hours) 1 750 + VAT

Volume discounts will apply to assignments over 10 days.
Costs based charging of travelling, accommodation, etc.
Payment term of 14 days net.