Let’s explore further your goals for a step change

A good consultant is an inspiring and challenging discussion partner who can aid in defining a problem properly and facilitate out of the box thinking to see new opportunities. Experience from different industries and from a wide variety of companies gives perspective to come up with innovative solutions. However, only ideas that work in practice can make a difference. Personal insight into execution of many strategic initiatives and system implementations is really an asset you can benefit from with your business challenge.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and set up a meeting to discuss further your goals for future development.

You have a business challenge. Probably you are in the top management or in the board. Maybe there is a step change in strategy as a result of change in company ownership or changes in management.

You need a partner that supports your organization to realize the growth strategy or plan real actions to improve profitability with cost structure development. Maybe your processes, systems and organization are not anymore aligned with new business areas or scale of the operations in several countries and growth in headcount? Or is your case that financial transparency is weak and cause and effect relationships are hard to understand in the management with current reporting and KPIs?

We can help you to develop earning model and minimize revenue leakage. For example increasing share of recurring revenues and using correct usage data with the help of automation in billing can make a big difference. Correct costing is vital for right decisions in pricing and business development. Or maybe customers are lost between front end and back end resulting to high customer churn? Good profitability analysis enable you to make right decisions with business portfolio and investments.

As a result of cost structure analysis there might be a significant savings potential with automation, organizing resources effectively considering needed changes in roles and competences as well as developing procurement. We have seen many times that badly judged cost allocations can lead to wrong decisions. We can also help you to improve cost structure with system development and insourcing/outsourcing. We are your expert to analyse different models, systems and partners to come up a decision proposal which is considering your specific situation.

With reporting development we can support you in strategy implementation to share common understanding of the big picture and follow up progress of the strategic initiatives. Relevant and real-time KPIs help people in front end to make right time decisions on fact base.

1/2 day (max. 4 hours) 1 000 eur + VAT
Full day (max. 8 hours) 1 750 + VAT

Volume discounts will apply to assignments over 10 days.
Costs based charging of travelling, accommodation, etc.
Payment term of 14 days net.